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GOLF & MIKE - Interview vom 27.04.2007

Interview with GOLF & MIKE

at One By One Concert's

Press Conference (27.04.07)

* Transcripted from TV news *

One By One Concert

True Inside

The concept of the concert ?

Golf : "The concept will be the mysterious force that make the two of us fight eachother. It's gonna be exciting and interesting."

Songs you will sing ?
Golf : "The songs that everyone can sing along and everyone likes. We will gather them up. And we will have a memorial part about our pre-debut."

Golf : "In the concert, there will be the solo shows of each of us absolutely. And there will be kind of stage play. A fantasy play.... so keep an eye on!"

What kind of the play is it ?

Golf : "It's not like the full play with lots of scripts. But it's more like a bit of a musical fantasy play with action. It'll be spectacular. It'll be full of effects."

Golf : "Now we're in the middle of practicing for the concert. We practice dancing and singing. We'll put all we've got into this concert. We're involved with scripts, setlists, stage, etc. You can watch them on May 19."

Guest performers ?

Golf : "There'll be 2 guests that everyone will be surprised. I think they will be able to fill the audiences with laughters and smiles. But I won't tell you right now. Just come to the concert."

Five Live

What's special about One By One Concert ?

Golf : "There'll be things that we have never done before. For example, there'll be fans up on stage with us and there'll be a fantasy stage play."

What do you mean by "When the mysterious force make the two brothers to fight each other" ?

Golf : "The mysterious force will make us fight in music. It's kinda fantasy play. It will be spectacular."

Japanese Album


When will you go to Japan again ?

Golf : "Probably 2 days after the big concert. And then we will go to Japan again next month. We will stay there about 1 month to work on it."

Mike : "Now we've finished recording 7 songs. There'll be a song(s) from our 1st album to record in Japanese. We've filmed the MV for the first single. And we have shot the cover photos. It will be released in June."

Golf : "In June, the first single will be released. 2 singles released and then the full album will come later.

Five Live

How about your Japanese album ?

Mike : "This will be the first time that we get to work as the 2 of us."

Thai fans will get to grap this album ?

Mike : "Yes, of course. When we did GYM, the single was released in Thailand as well so as this time."

It will be all in Japanese ?

Mike : "All in Japanese."

Collected from TV news and translated from Thai To English

by regina //

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